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Northern Botswana

This incredible freak of nature, a virtual garden of Eden teaming with game consists of 3 main areas Moremi, Savuti and Chobe and they all have there own character even though they lie so close together.


Moremi consists mainly of the Okavango river delta, where makoro {dug out canoes} trips can be taken through the labyrinth of reed channels offering a unique perspective to bird watching and viewing various other mammals from the water. This is also home to some of the more famous lodges in Botswana, however camping is available on some of the islands as well as in the main reserve at 3rd Bridge.

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Savuti is a lot more dryer with rocky out crops and massive Baobab trees. There is however a huge floodplain, its size depending largely on the amount of water pushing through from the delta. Home to large number of elephants who frequently visit your campsite, as well as wild dog and leopard and huge numbers of plains game. Most game viewing here is done from 4x4 vehicles.

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Chobe is to the east and sits on the banks of the Chobe river with Namibia on the opposite bank. This park is a lot more open with most of the game situated on the river banks. Home to large herds of Buffalo which keep the numerous prides of lion keen.

From ones camp site one can often observe the movements of big herds of Impala and Elephant along the banks of the Chobe. Chobe is also very close to the town of Kassane from where sundowner cruises can be arranged, as well as trips to to Victoria Falls or Livingstone in Zambia which is also nearby.

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