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Bazarouto Archipelago

Mozambique is a vast country with nearly 3000km of pristine coast line.One of its gems is the Bazaruto islands about 700km north of Maputo and made up of Bazaruto the largest, Benguera, Paradise, Margaruque and a very small uninhabited island called Bangwe. The islands can be accessed via Vilancoulos or Ihassoroh.

This area can offer fantastic relaxing beach holidays with excellent diving fishing and snorkeling on offer. During the months of October and November black Marlin fishing can be some of the best on the east African sea board. Diving off of Africa reef can reward you with a opportunity of getting up close and personal with huge majestic whale sharks. Or one can just take a relaxing snorkel along the reefs of 5 mile or Margaruque and watch a multitude of spectacular reef fish pass you by.

Mozambique is a great Overlanding destination because there are so many amazing beaches to stop at along the way. Since the end of the civil war there has been remarkable improvements to the infrastructure. Main roads are all redone and there are many different lodges available to suit taste and budget. Due to the Portuguese legacy the fish and seafood is some of the finest available in Southern Africa.

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