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Gorongosa National Park - Sofala Province

This historically game rich park lies at the end of the Great Rift valley about 3 hours inland from the town of Biera in central Mozambique. With vast flood plains that fill up in the rainy season from the mighty Zambezi River. This jewel was one of the tourist hot spots in 1950s to 1960s Mozambique. Unfortunately due to the the terrible civil war that ravaged Mozambique in the 70s and 80s most of the wild life was either shot for food or disappeared.

Fortunately the value of this ecosystem has not gone unnoticed and the Carr Foundation together with the Mozambican Government are achieving the impossible in slowly getting Gorongosa on its feet again.

With a healthy bird population and a stable and growing herbivore and carnivore population its encouraging to witness this amazing place wake up after terrible trauma and plunder.

Easily accessed via Zimbabwe visiting Lake Kyle and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, or touring up the Mozambican coast line.With Mnt Gorongosa now also included in the National Park there are fantastic opportunities for guided nature hikes.

A truly unique and unexplored destination.

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